Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Where the Hell's My Beer?

A little late (Okay, nearly TWO months late!), but late better than never. The Wobbly Toms got the new year (and new decade) off to a musically wobbly start. The performed on January 2 at the Nest. This was their second time performing at The Nest's new location, and my first time seeing them perform there. For those who have been around St. Augustine awhile, and for those who haven't, The Nest used to be located downtown, and was once Backstreets Coffee (back when I was in college). They have moved to the other side of King Street now, and though the artful ceiling tiles are gone, the Nest retains a bit of what has made them a popular place for the locals to hang out and bands to play.

The crowd of fans was on the small side, but full of the energy that one cannot help but feel at a Wobbly Toms concert. With such small space, the smaller crowd meant that there was more room for dancing, and for me to capture pictures without having to run people over.

So, I hope you enjoy the photos, and come out to check out the Wobbly Toms at their next show! March 17th at the British Pub (the one on the island!). Beer will be plentiful. ^_~

(More photos beneath the cut)


  1. off to a "musically wobbly start"... uh-oh! Were you just punning, or was it not so grand?

  2. I was making a pun. The show was awesome, as usual! ^_^