Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Wishing everyone a very happy and exceptionally creepy Halloween! This year, I had the pleasure of being able to attend the Wobbly Toms Halloween show at the British Pub (actually, Friday). Below is just a sample of all the shots I managed to capture as the night progressed.

To begin with, though, I would like to note the wonderful makeup work done on the Wobbly Toms this year.

My friend Lizi, who is also the wife of Zach (in the red sports coat), did the makeup. As you can see, she did an extremely good job. Not that any could doubt her talent!

But now let us get to the music! As I mentioned in a previous post, quite a few months ago (I really am slow about updating, aren't I?), the Wobbly Toms are a local, St. Augustine band. They have a pretty eclectic, and very unique sound, sort of a mix between Indie, bluegrass, folk, with just a taste of Irish. They don't do a lot of covers or anything, and when they do, they make it their own.

For samples of their music (I believe they now have the 4 songs of their recorded demo up now), check out their myspace page! You can also friend them on Facebook! Better yet, come to their shows! ^_^

*ahem* Okay, now on to some photos! If I can get this site to do what I want it to...



















Pictures were taken on my Nikon D60, mostly with telephoto lens. I played with the settings on my camera for a lot, and relied on the light settings in the British Pub. They had orange and red spotlights at their feet shining up at them, which helped add the spooky effect, plus the spotlights on the ceiling. I did a lot of shots without flash (the ones that look orange are all without flash). Then I did a combination with the flash of using normal aperture, and the "night portrait" setting on the camera. In the end, it gave a nice variety to the shots.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!