Thursday, March 19, 2009


I love it when nature creates its own art. Moreso when I'm there to capture it. This shot of the seagull is a favorite photo of mine mostly for the fact that it is both simple and complex. The sun struck the bird at just the right spot. Everything was perfect. And I was there, camera ready, although the battery kept dying. The seagulls are very accustomed to humans, so I wasn't too worried about scaring the bird away as I approached. He seemed more content in searching the wet sand for yummy treats than me, anyway. In any case, I could not have asked for a better shot, at least not of the seagulls in St. Augustine. Not that I didn't try, of course.

They're fun to catch in flight, as well. This second picture was taken this past fall as Tropical Storm Fay came ashore. Well, as her outter bands approached, anyway. The first picture was taken in February of 2007, on Velano Beach. Both taken with a Canon Powershot.

I can't wait until I get my new SLR...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Children, and sometimes even adults and teens, make a game of finding things in the shape of clouds. The imagination at work, revealing an insight into the mind of those playing the game. Especially into their imagination.

Sometimes, though, it's more interesting to watch the way the sun peers through the clouds. This particular image was taken over the bay on the SR 206 bridge in St. Augustine. A storm was rolling in, and Renee had just finished a photo shoot on the island and were headed back inland. We pulled over when we saw the way the sun shone through the clouds. I took several snaps of this sight.

But that wasn't the only beautiful image like this that evening. Even as the storm approached the island, while we were still on the beach, the sun graced us with its "hidden" beauty.

I only wish I had been able to time these moments right so as to include Renee in her dress with this beautiful scenery. Alas, in all my attempts, it didn't turn out as planned. And we had to return to the mainland, not only because of the approaching storm, but because we had to pick up Renee's sister. Nevertheless, these brief moments were truly beautiful, and I am glad that I captured even this much.


Monday, March 16, 2009

Fisherman in the bay

Every photograph has a story to tell. Some stories happen behind the scenes, others are part of the picture themself, and others are a conglomoration of many things. This picture is the story. It is the story of a man fishing on the Mantanzas Bay in St. Augustine on an Sunday afternoon in September, while the weather is still warm and the day is peaceful. The man is at peace, though the fish haven't been biting much today. Though you cannot see it in this image, his dog, a thin brown lab with the energy of a puppy, despite his apparent age, waits on the shore. The dog sniffs around, certain that he has caught the scent of duck. The man, perhaps noting the dog's anxiety, turns his boat to shore. At that moment, the dog catches an interesting scent and starts off at a fairly quick clip, though his age shows in his gait. The man calls for him, his voice raspy but firm. The dog hesitates, his head raised and ears cocked. When the man calls a second time, the dog returns to the bay. Neither seem aware of the young woman standing among the trees, camera in hand.