Sunday, June 21, 2009

music photojournalism? haha, not really!

So, Saturday I journeyed to The Nest, formerly known as Backstreets, a small...well, I guess now it's a bar, used to be a coffee downtown St. Augustine. Why, you may ask? Well, does anyone really need a reason to go to a bar? ^_~ Okay, in this case, yes! The Wobbly Toms, a local band with Irish and Blue Grass influences, performed there last night! So I decided to take some pictures and try my hand at this music photojournalism stuff.

Hey, at the very least, it's good research for my current novel in progress! ^__^

They have beautiful instruments. Drools.

Michael McCormick (I think I have his name right) opened for the Toms. I love his guitar, an electric accoustic. Very beautiful instrument. Opening act was pretty good. But, as usual, I always am eager for the main show: the Toms!

Hey, there's dancing, too! Even I got up and danced some. It's hard not to! The music is awesome, very upbeat and exhilirating! This is just the start of the dancing... For some songs, there were so many people up there dancing I couldn't have gotten a good shot in unless I stood on the table... And that table was NOT sturdy enough to hold me!

For more information on The Wobbly Toms, or even to hear some of their stuff, please visit I highly recommend listening to "City by the Sea"...because it's my favorite song. ^__^ It's about St. Augustine, by the way.

All photos shot on my new Nikon D60, no filters, and with minimum editing.

On a humorous side note (because I mentioned that I did this as research for my novel in progress, Matanzas), I had a rather odd moment. One of the fans there, a surfer looking dude, was there last night. He reminds me a lot of my character, Nick. Well, as I was about to leave the Nest last night, this guy came up to talk to me, and said things that were 100% something character Nick would have said. I was so floored I almost asked him if his name was Nick. hehe That would have been scary...sort of a "Stranger than Fiction" scenario I didn't want to face! O__O

That digression over, I close out for now and hope that you enjoy the photos!

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  1. oh, I wish I hadn't seen that banjo... my husband just sold his and it still makes me sad. They sound like they're awesome, I'll have to check out their link!

  2. Hey! Thanks for the pics and the kind words!

    We'll be playing the British Pub next on July 17th.

    Yer everlovin WTs